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Microsoft SharePoint Developer
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS), is part of SharePoint, and runs on top of Window SharePoint Server, and builds on it by adding both core features as well as end user web parts to it. Its main strength is enabling an organization’s information to be organized and aggregated in one central, web-based application and provide a taxonomy for corporate data.

Technology Aspects provides expertise in customizing and implementing Microsoft SharePoint Server in organizations across domains. With Microsoft SharePoint solutions company can streamline their daily business activities and in the process gain a better insight and perspective into their business data.

Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server help company to build and maintain a web based centralized storage for all their data and information which can easily be accessed by employees of an company. Employee can share information and cooperate to with each other using Microsoft Share Point, thus increasing productivity and efficiency.

Microsoft SharePoint flexible architecture can be customized easily to match the requirements of individual organizations. Microsoft Sharepoint layout can be chaned easily, features can be easily added and removed.

At Technology Aspects, our expert Microsoft SharePoint team understand client needs, business process, activities and doing deep analysis it. This help to make best solution which match client needs.

Microsoft SharePoint Server can be deployed in organizations of all sizes spread across domains.


Microsoft SharePoint includes a wide range of modules, each designed to meet the requirements of specific functional areas. Some of them are as follows:

Portal Deployment:
Mircosoft SharePoint Portal Module have variety of features, tools and wide range of templates that can be used as website layouts. Microsoft Share Point portal modules help to design, develope and maintain various types of websites from intranet portals to corporate websites and individual websites for different section of the company. Microsoft SharPoint Portal module have drag and drop features to easily design cool websites.

Content Management:
Microsoft SharePoint Content Management module allows you to publish content to the different websites using HTML Editor (WYSIWYG). That help you to formatting your content and present it in nice manner. Microsoft SharePoint Content Management module provides multi languages support for publish content in different languages.

Search Features:
Comprehensive Microsoft SharePoint Search module provides employee to easily query and search documents, people, content etc.

Document Management:
Microsoft SharePoint includes extensive enterprise document management capabilities.
Company's employee can upload document and stored in common document storage. Employee have different roles and righst to access and perform activities within document storage. Document can be search and edit within the repository. Here are few features of Microsoft SharePoint Document Management modules are: versioning, workflow creation and implementation, store metadata for documents etc.

Business Intelligence:
The business intelligence features of Microsoft SharePoint provide employees with means to programmatically reuse business data in the development of web based dashboards. Dashboards, web parts etc can be used to consolidate information from disparate sources. Data-bound Key Performance Indicators, Excel Spreadsheets, web parts etc are some of the features that are provided in the business intelligence module. The business intelligence module also includes a detailed reporting module.
Business Forms:
XML based business form can be create using Microsoft SharePoint which can be integrate with applications. Microsoft Businees Forms module support for creation and management of business forms.
Integration with Microsoft Office:
Excel, Word, Power Point, Microsoft Outlook can be integrate with Microsoft SharePoint.
Administration Panel:
Microsoft SharePoint provides an administrative control that allows the SharePoint administrator to manage and maintain the Microsoft SharePoint Server.

Microsoft SharePoint provides wide range of security features that make sure safety of sensitive business data. Microsoft SharePoint Security features allows you to set various security features like auditing policies, security settings, expiration action of business documents etc.

Other than above mentioned features, Microsoft SharePoint also includes the following features:

  • Provides support for 2.0
  • Versioning support
  • Notifications and alerts definition and customization
  • Creation and management of workflows to streamline business activities and processes
  • Support for various web standards such as XML, SOAP, Open
  • Backup and Restore facilities
  • RSS Feeds
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